Government Relations, Business Development & Public Relations

Principle Advantage delivers high-quality service and high-quality results. Our willingness to go the extra mile, our personalized service, and our relationships within government and in the business world gives our clients a crucial advantage in accomplishing their objectives.

Government Relations & Lobbying

Opportunities for success often lie in the relationships that individuals and entities develop and maintain. Principle Advantage uses the strong relationships we have developed across state and local governments to our clients’ advantage.

Your company or organization may have concerns that need a legislative, regulatory or administrative fix. We will work with you to engage any legislators, agencies, bureaus and departments to find solutions to your challenges. You will make the right connections to give your project or issue the attention it deserves.

Whether you have a targeted goal, need to establish a comprehensive government affairs plan, or simply need to monitor actions of committees and commissions, Principle Advantage will advise and facilitate the options, actions and connections necessary to achieve your intended goal. Let Principle Advantage open doors for you, and be your seat at the table.

Business Development

Emergent industries and expansion and diversification of current businesses continue to be the backbone of a growing economy. Along with this growth come the challenges of outdated code, lag time in legislation that fails to keep pace with new technologies, and an ever-changing political landscape. Changes to existing code and creation of new laws or regulations can make or break the success of entire industries by either leveling the playing field and creating incentives, or creating hardships and barriers to competition.

Additionally, essential to growth and business development is connecting or partnering with other companies and organizations. Principle Advantage works with businesses and organizations to develop strategic plans to enhance their profiles, missions and branding by making introductions to appropriate businesses, government officials and staff, community leaders and organizations. We maintain strong relationships in these communities across the Commonwealth and are constantly growing affiliations and connections in the business sector.

We are relationship brokers, providing opportunities to develop key connections to move your initiatives forward. Let our firm help you get in the door and take your company to the next level.


Public Relations & Outreach

(Grassroots, Grasstops and Coalition Building)

When you need to reach out to the community, key stakeholders, or a targeted group of decision makers, Principle Advantage has a proven track record of getting your message out and getting the results you are looking for.

We can help you with project development, management, and strategies. Whether developing a comprehensive communications program, grassroots or grasstops outreach or assisting in building a coalition of individuals, businesses or organizations who share your objectives, we have the expertise to build support for your goals.